Thursday, January 27, 2011

Post III source code is coming in a few days

The source code:
·         How to use Windows Workflow 4.0 in Access. We have a simple example, but more complex WF4 workflows could be used within Access
·         Added EventConverterAttribute to convert ondataavailable HTML DOM event to more specific event such as XmlBridgeChanged event
·         Added XmlBridge() method that returns a schema derived from an ADO.NET DataSet. We considered using a Data Contract, but a DataSet XML Schema is easier to generate and is more in tune with Access. Future versions will use the DataSet schema to send/receive XML messages to/from Silverlight and Access.
·         Added a WPF Task Pane to show how to use WPF with Access
·         Modified Database Form Reflector to support more efficient Access object get and release. Note that the pattern used in Form.Reference.cs files always releases the Access process. See that discusses this issue.
·         Added a simple SharePoint Client Object Model example.
·         Added a few HTML editor examples that use HTML contentEditable = true
·         Added Silverlight Treeview popup to Sample. Click popup link to show/hide Silverlight Treeview
·         Added more code documentation

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