Monday, December 20, 2010

Using Silverlight with Access – Part III (What's Next)

The part II release needs some improvements. So, sometime next month, we will release part III with a focus on
1.       Improving the HtmlBridge Silverlight Reflector
a.       The current Silverlight reflection class does not support all primitive types. The next version will reflect on all primitive types.
b.      The MSHTML Table Object Model will be used to support Table data to/from Access/Silverlight using an IHTMLTable bridge. See example below.
c.       The current version only supports void methods. The next version will support all primitive return types as well as an IHTMLTable bridge return type.
2.       Adding more Treeview features. Not sure what we will add at this time, but we want to show more Silverlight control code.
3.       Improving source code documentation.
4.       Improving ActiveForm.Proxy as needed.

Add Access Recordset Value to TreeviewPage.Table Example
mshtml.IHTMLTable rootTable = 
 mshtml.HTMLTableRow rootItem = rootTable.insertRow();
mshtml.HTMLTableCell cell = myNewRow.insertCell();
//Assign Recordset value to table cell value
cell.innerText = rst.Fields["ProductName"].Value;
//Refresh Treeview

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